Private School Test Prep

Get the best private school test prep that you need to get into your dream school!  

Our test prep program aims to make students competitive applicants and gain leverage in admission to their selected private schools. We start off by giving a diagnostic test to evaluate your child’s skills and identify which areas need more attention. A tutor is then matched to work with your child to improve on math, reading, or writing skills. SSAT practice tests, ISEE practice tests, and HSPT practice tests are given to assess your child’s readiness to take the standardized tests. 

Our test prep tutors are experts and have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all the sections of the tests so they know exactly how to help your child by giving suitable exercises. We use workbooks and materials developed by our CEO which are also utilized internationally by other companies. Aside from designing an individualized program to target specific areas, we also teach test-taking strategies and techniques to approach all test sections with confidence. 

Most private schools remain test-optional, meaning an applicant has the option of whether or not to submit test scores. However, we strongly recommend that you submit because impressive standardized test scores might just be the differentiation you need to gain admission. 

Determining which admissions test to prepare for would depend on what type of school your child is applying to. Most middle schools and high schools consider a private school entrance exam that covers math and verbal skills as well as a writing assessment which are covered by the SSAT and/or ISEE. Private Catholic schools usually require the HSPT. Several Peninsula schools—Castilleja, Crystal Springs Uplands, Episcopal Day, The Girls’ Middle School, Keys School, Menlo, Sacred Heart, Silicon Valley International School, The Nueva School, Woodland School, and Woodside Priory—are requiring Proctored Writing Samples in lieu of standardized tests. Visit the admissions website of the school you’re applying to in order to know which standardized tests they need and how to sign up for them.