SAT Practice Test

The SAT is a standardized test administered by The College Board and widely used by colleges and universities that aims to measure a student’s aptitude in the areas of reading, writing and language, and math. It is a globally recognized college admission test one of many factors that admission officers take into account as they make their acceptance decisions. 

SAT Content

  1. The SAT takes three hours and consists of three tests: (1) Reading Test, (2) Writing and Language Test, and (3) Math Test. 
  2. Most of the questions are multiple-choice, but for some math questions, you will be asked to write the correct answer instead.
  3. There is no penalty for guessing, so if you are unsure of the answer, it would be better to make an intelligent guess rather than leave it blank. 
  4. The Reading Test consists of five passages with 500 – 700 words from different types of documents such as fiction, a US founding document, social science, and Earth science. 
  5. The Writing and Language Test is comprised of 4 passages about a variety of topics with 11 multiple-choice questions after each. You will be asked to improve the expression of ideas or correct errors in sentence structure, grammar, usage, and punctuation.
  6. The Math Test focuses on Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Advanced Math which deals with complex equations. 

SAT Scoring

  1. The Student Score Report shows your (1) total score and (2) section scores.
  2. The Reading Test and the Writing and Language test are combined into one section and are called Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.
  3. The section scores are the individual scores on each section, (1)  Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and (2) Math. Both sections are scored out of 800. 
  4. The total score is your overall score and is a combination of your section scores. The composite score is 400–1600, indicating that the range of possible scores on the SAT is 400–1600.
  5. The total score corresponds to a percentile that shows what percentage of students who took the test did better or worse than you.

SAT Tutoring

  • Our tutoring strategy involves conquering reading comprehension to understand complex topics and answer follow-up questions.
  • We provide our personally developed math exercises focused on strengthening conceptual algebra foundations.
  • Language skills are further developed by giving intensive focus on grammar and rhetoric which helps students in essay writing as well.

For Students with Accommodations

  1. We teach students how to maintain focus and stamina throughout the test.
  2. We develop test-taking skills and ensure that students know how to make the most of extra time allotment.
  3. A specialized accommodation strategy is given to students with learning differences or those that have a temporary condition that is impairing their ability to take the SAT.

The table below shows the different sections of the SAT, the content of each section, the total number of items as well as the allotted time to answer all of the questions.

Component Number of Questions / Tasks Time Allotted
Reading 65  52 minutes
Writing and Language 35 44 minutes
Math 80 58 minutes
Total 180 154 minutes

The SAT is a standardized test administered by The College Board that is widely used for college admissions. It is a multiple-choice, paper-and-pencil test that takes about 3 hours to complete. The goal of the test is to determine a student’s readiness for college by assessing skills in reading, writing and language, and math. 

It depends on your target school. Each college will have a different SAT score average for incoming freshmen. Do your research and look up the average SAT score of the school you are interested in and compare it with your baseline score from your practice tests and see if it falls within the range. The higher your score is, the more college options you can consider.

Please visit The College Board website to see the different test dates so you can plan for your SAT practice tests. 

Click here to learn about registering for the SAT. You may register online for convenience, just make sure you have the requirements on hand. You may also register and apply for testing accommodations if you are eligible. 

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