Cardinal Education is not only focused on improving a  student’s grades or gaining admission to the top schools in the country. We offer a holistic approach to education that aims to support all facets of the individual including social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. We believe that to succeed in any endeavor, a person has to have the right tools and resources. The following programs are meant to do just that.   

  1. Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)
    Reading and writing are the basic foundation of a successful academic life. We help students develop their reading and writing skills through various materials and resources that enhance their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing techniques. 
  2. Academic Coaching
    Every student has different needs, learning styles, and academic goals. We develop strategies to help them manage their school work and cope with the demands of education to help them succeed.
  3. Executive Function
    We teach students how to organize their schedules and achieve work-life balance. We understand that although teachers and parents sometimes pressure them to perform well in school, students also need activities where they can have fun and socialize.
  4. Learning Differences
    Children with learning differences need much more help to cope with school work. We give the right support and set realistic goals so they develop confidence and maximize their potential.