Interview Preparation

The private school admissions interview is an important step in the application process because it gives admissions officers a chance to learn more about you beyond your grades and test scores. It is your moment to shine and showcase your best attributes! But without proper interview preparation, it can be a missed opportunity to let them see what makes you unique and special and how you could be a good fit for them.

As esteemed educational consultants, we will guide you on how to prepare for an admissions interview and make sure that you are fully prepared. We understand that every student is unique and different, and that is why our advice matters so much. We have been helping families prepare for admissions interviews for two decades so we know what admissions counselor interview questions are like and how to answer them. Our admissions consultants have experience with all kinds of schools, from independent private schools to boarding schools and they will work with your whole family and make sure that everything is covered.

Our interview preparation program empowers you to overcome obstacles that may hinder you from having a successful interview. We understand how intimidating it is to stand in front of admissions officers so we aim to take away as much anxiety as possible. Our interview prep aims to:  

  1. Develop communication skills so you have the ability to express yourself well.
  2. Build confidence and convince admissions officers that you are a good fit for their school.
  3. Identify your strengths, skills, and what makes you unique to differentiate you from the rest. 
  4. Set your family’s goals and align them with the thrust and values of the school.

After putting all these into place, we will conduct mock interview sessions and equip you with the skills to handle different scenarios and teach you techniques on how to answer commonly asked admission interview questions.

As you prepare for the other admission requirements, do not forget about the admissions interview because it takes time to achieve the best results. 

  1. Do thorough research about the school and make sure you are well-versed with the programs, mission, values, and curriculum. 
  2. Familiarize yourself with the common admissions interview questions and draft reasonable answers. Your answers should be truthful and authentic.
  3. Practice answering in front of the mirror or find role play with someone who will act as the admissions officer.
  4. Prepare at least one question that you can ask before the end of the interview. It should be something relevant that is not explicitly stated on the school’s website.
  5. Seek the guidance of experts with in-depth knowledge about private school admissions interviews. No one else can help you than the experts. 

Yes, as long as you are prepared and confident that you will do well because it will give you a chance to present yourself to admissions officers in a different light. Regardless of your grades, GPA, and test scores, meeting you in person will greatly influence admission decisions. 

Be honest, truthful, and authentic with your answers. Talk about things that are meaningful to you like your hobbies, interests, a life-changing event or experience, your family, cultural background, and other topics that define you as a person. When asked about the reason why you’re applying to that school, talk about your dreams, hopes, ambitions, and why you think studying there could bring them to reality. Remember, you are unique and different from the other applicants, so there is no need to come up with answers only to impress admissions officers. Show them what a great person you are and how you could be a good fit for the school. 

Definitely, yes! Great parent interviews add a lot of value to a student’s application. It provides admissions officers an opportunity to learn more about the student from the parents’ perspective. It is imperative, therefore, that parents also prepare for the interview and give careful thought to their responses, and both spouses should be on the same page with their answers. How you behave and present your family will have a great impact on admissions decisions. 

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