Who We Are

Allen Koh founded Cardinal Education in 2004, with the goal of establishing an organization that would assist students in school. What started as a tutoring company, has now become an educational consultancy that offers college admissions, private school admissions, tutoring, and academic coaching services. We have helped multiple families attain their educational goals from attending their dream school to building confidence. Students gain the skills to find success within the classroom and apply these skills outside of the classroom. In the end, students that work with Cardinal Education are better prepared to tackle difficult obstacles and overcome them.

We seek people who are passionate about being mentors.

If you have ever received academic help in a class, you understand that this help can relieve so many stressors. The work that you do would be pivotal for students and make them much more confident in what they do.

We are always learning. There are opportunities for innovation in any role you take on at Cardinal Education. No matter where you are in your career, we will ensure that you receive the training necessary to be successful here at Cardinal Education. Your role is just the beginning; your progress is ultimately up to you. We focus on sharing ideas, working together, and developing skills.