Practicing Time Management During Distance Learning

It’s safe to say that we’re in an unprecedented time for education. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing schools to switch to an online or hybrid format, students need to adapt in order to maintain their academic performance. 

The key is time management. Time management promotes organization, focus, and a better balance between work and social life.  And during distance learning, time management becomes exponentially more important. 

The Importance of Time Management During Distance Learning 

The switch from in-person to distance learning has caused many students to feel tired, overwhelmed, and overworked. Time management can help mitigate these feelings by creating a dedicated schedule for schoolwork, thus establishing boundaries between work and downtime. 

Distance learning requires good time management, and if students lack these necessary skills, it could make this school year harder on them. Continue reading to learn about some tips, tricks, and strategies to promote healthy time management this year.

A student researches his homework with a cup of coffee. With so much to do during distance learning, students need to be able to budget their time well.

What the Student Can Do

  • Keep on track by using a planner. It may seem like a simple solution, but day planners remind students what needs to be done and when, both of which are crucial for time management. We recommend a planner like this one, which lets students schedule their day with 15 minute increments, so that they can always know if they’re on track. 
  • Schedule out work and break times during the day. Having a set schedule will prevent students from feeling overwhelmed and overworked, and setting aside time for snack breaks and meal times will allow students to rest and recharge before getting back to work. After all, it’s not recommended to study more than one hour at a time—any more, and the brain won’t be as receptive to new material.
  • Create a study space. A dedicated area for doing homework and other assignments will help students feel more focused. Separation between work and relaxation areas, as well, will boost productivity and promote a balanced work ethic

A boy is focused on his homework book. Maintaining focus and promoting productivity are the two main goals of time management.

But what if students are still struggling?

While all the strategies listed are great for developing time management skills, it’s important to recognize that each and every student is different in their approach to learning. Online learning and hybrid formatting may not be able to replace the benefits of in-person lessons for some students.

If this is the case, then we recommend looking into learning pods. Learning pods are small groups of students led by parents/educators with in-person lessons outside the classroom. They’re a safer alternative to in-person schooling, but still provide opportunities for socialization between students.

We offer a lot of different learning pod options, and so if you’re considering this form of schooling, we’d recommend checking out our page about it.


Every student learns differently, but all can benefit from implementing time management in their daily routines. If students are struggling with the changes in education this year, these strategies may help.

If you’re considering learning pods, feel free to contact us for more information. Learning pods are a fantastic and safe way to receive in-person schooling this year. So, if students are struggling with their current school format, it may be time to change it up.