How to Keep Up and Why Doing Extracurriculars are (More) Important for College Admissions During Online Schooling

So much more than the traditional educational landscape has been changed these past few months as a result of COVID-19. The closure of schools and non-essential businesses means that as online schooling has taken hold, most of the students’ other activities have been shut down. Does this mean that college applications for the next few years will be easier than normal, that schools will not expect students to have participated in as many extracurriculars as usual? Far from it. Those who made an effort to keep themselves active will be rewarded, while those who simply watched the world go by will face some difficult admissions results. So how do you keep up activities in the time of coronavirus?

Take Up a Useful Hobby

Now, as students have more time than ever before, is the perfect opportunity to pursue self-improvement. Teach yourself how to play an instrument (or keep up your skills), plan a woodworking project, practice yoga. Once lockdowns end, these activities could provide further opportunities to enter formal organizations or to help others.

Pursue Research

The Internet is a wonderful thing, and aside from enabling the school to continue (after a fashion) during the lockdown, it allows students to pursue their passions even when they can’t do it in person. Hunt down a local professor for an internship or design your own project to explore whatever piques your curiosity. Activities are more than just social, and students’ intellectual strength is equally important. 

Bring Communities Together

As they close down, many schools have regrettably also closed down much support for their communities of students. This is a shame and comes at a time when students need the support of their wider community the most. Students who show initiative in keeping their peers positive and connected will be rewarded by colleges, however. Set up Zoom calls to keep clubs going, devise new competitions in place of sporting events, even produce your own videos for peers’ enjoyment!

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