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Ransom Everglades School is a college preparatory school located in Coconut Grove, Florida that serves students in grades 6-12. It offers an experiential type of learning along with a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs. It is known for its strong academic reputation, commitment to community service, and a diverse population. Students are taught to think critically, ask hard questions, and work collaboratively with one another. Learn to ask hard questions, think critically, and collaborate across disciplines. If you want to know how to get into Ransom Everglades, our admissions consultants can help you understand what it takes to get accepted. We know what admissions officers are looking for and how to get them to notice you. We will help you get the SSAT scores you need through our SSAT practice tests and also prepare you for the Character Skills Snapshot. Let us help you successfully navigate the Ransom Everglades admissions process.


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