At Home Learning: The CDC’s Guidelines for Success

Parents may be feeling overwhelmed by the changes occurring this school year. It’s hard to know how to make your child’s experience with distance learning enriching while still ensuring their safety and health. To help you navigate your plan for learning-at-home, we’ve compiled some key takeaways from the CDC’s guidelines for home learning this school year. 

Communication is Key

If your child is learning from home this school year, it’s important to keep in mind that you aren’t alone. The changes this year are new for everyone, and there are resources to help if and when you encounter challenges. Reach out to your child’s teachers to stay up to date on the progression of their assignments. This way, you will have a more clear understanding of how to set a schedule that works for both you and your student. If you are struggling with technical difficulties or other challenges, be sure to communicate those concerns to the school. Many schools have resources in place to smoothen the transition to distance learning.

Set a Schedule

With asynchronous classes in distance learning, it can be easy to lapse into an inconsistent schedule. However,  stability and structure offered from a weekly routine offer numerous benefits for your child’s academic success and mental health. Try to set a consistent wake up time for your child during school days, as well as designated times for snacks, free time, and exercise throughout the day. Make sure to incorporate some flexibility into your schedule, too. This will allow you to adjust your plans on busier days without compromising your routine.

Make it Fun

Arguably one of the biggest challenges with distance learning is how to introduce variety into the curriculum and keep lessons exciting. Especially in online classes, it can be hard to keep your student actively engaged via screen. However, just because learning is at home doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Try to incorporate a range of activities outside of online classes like physical education, music, or arts and crafts. In need of ideas? Check out our list of 10 activities to incorporate into at-home learning classrooms. Outside of class, make sure to keep your child connected with classmates and friends in fun but safe ways. 

Take a Deep Breath

As a parent readying for this school year, remember not to be too hard on yourself. This year definitely presents some new challenges to parents, but your child can still have a meaningful academic experience. The CDC emphasizes plenty of resources and actionable steps you can take to create this meaningful experience. Here at Cardinal Education, we also have a number of resources and services available to help make the most of distance learning. Stay positive, parents! We’re right there with you.